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Don’t think you can wear contacts because your eyes are too dry? Or because you haven’t had any luck in the past with multifocal lenses? or how about because you have “too much astigmatism”? 

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What is a contact lens evaluation?

A contact lens evaluation/fitting is in addition to a routine eye exam. Contact lenses – unless specially designed – do not come in all prescriptions like we can do in glasses. Therefore, additional testing is required to obtain the patient’s contact lens prescription. 

  • Keratometry – measures the central 3 mm curvature of the front of the eye. This information is what is obtained at all eye exams.
  • Topography– maps the curvature of the entire cornea. This is an instrument that most offices do not have as it is mainly used to design specialty contact lenses for conditions such as keratoconus, corneal grafts but also simply high astigmatism or very dry eyes. Using this machine however, we have been able to diagnose patients with 
  • Slit lamp exam: An assessment of the cornea specifically to evaluate if contact lens wear is recommended. There can be damage to the eyes without any early symptoms.
  • An assessment of the lens movement, comfort and centration on the eye, and an evaluation of the vision with the contact lenses.
  • Update of the lens to newer technology to obtain better comfort, fit & overall healthier eyes.

What our patients Say About us

"She listened to our problems with our eyes and found out ways to save us money for contact lens which i have never had an Optometrist do before. Her office is very spacious and clean and everyone was very nice towards us. No long waits, highly recommended!"
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