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Frequently Asked Questions

Why shouldn’t I use those ‘get the red out’ drops?

These drops are vasoconstrictors and only mask symptoms of conditions causing the problems, like redness, in the first place. Use them long enough and they will actually backfire on you. You should have an eye exam to evaluate what’s causing the redness, infection, allergies, dry eyes etc then treat that problem, not just the symptoms.

Why does my doctor want to dilate my eyes?

So we can see parts of your retina that aren’t normally visible to look for asymptomatic, painless, sneaky pathology like tumors, retinal holes, tears and detachments, signs of diabetic or hypertensive retinopathy and get better views of your macula and optic nerve to evaluate for macular degeneration and glaucoma. All types of pathology can be found in your eyes including but not limited to diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, impending stroke, HIV, cancer, and other issues associated with trauma or age.

Is there an alternative to dilation?

Yes! The Optomap gives the doctor roughly 80% of the same view as dilation without any side effects such as blurred vision or sensitivity to sunlight for hours afterwards. However dilation may still be needed in some cases if the pupil size is very small or during pediatric exams.

Why Does my doctor keep telling me to change my contacts on time? And take them out at night?

Contact lens wear, even with the best care and routine compliance, increases the chances of getting eye infections and diseases. All of which are very painful and can lead to corneal scarring causing decreased vision and in some cases even blindness. This is why at Spanish  Oaks Eyecare we recommend dailies first. You wear each pair once, then throw it away and put on a fresh pair the next time you wear your contacts. And with more and more companies coming out with dailies they have become priced more competitively than ever before! They are great for people with dry eyes, allergy eyes, contact lens intolerance, non compliant patients who don’t want to keep track of when to change their lenses, swimmers, new wearers and pretty much everyone! You will love the feeling of a new pair on your eyes every day!