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A non-surgical and reversible alternative to LASIK

Ortho-k is a procedure which eliminates the need for glasses or daytime contacts makes it a great option for athletes, dry eye sufferers, patients who are frustrated with soft contact lenses and patients who are looking for a non-surgical alternative to LASIK

If you have been unable to wear contact lenses for any reason (discomfort, allergies, inconvenience, dryness, etc.), you are a great candidate because this lens is so easy to use and it’s worn while you sleep. This greatly reduces any discomfort you may have experienced while using conventional contact lenses.

You are also a great candidate if you need excellent vision without the use of contacts or glasses. Ortho-K benefits pilots, police officers, military personnel and those with safety concerns such as professional athletes, parents of small children, lifeguards and many others. 

Finally, if you just don’t want to be bothered with wearing glasses or contact lenses during a variety of activities such as hiking, playing sports, swimming, skiing, camping, off-road driving, biking, snorkeling, scuba and more, Ortho-K is for you.

This depends on your prescription, age, and treatment goals. In adults, the higher prescriptions can take two to four weeks to achieve good vision but children’s corneas are much more easily molded. 
Some patients are seeing clearly in as little as one night of retainer lens wear.

Patients who wear their lenses as prescribed find that they have great vision well into the evening. Some patients are even able to wear their lenses every other night and still maintain their enhanced vision. However, if you stop wearing your lenses while sleeping, your vision will return to its original state.

No, unlike the age limits imposed on refractive surgery there is no minimum age requirement. 
And, there is no upper limit on age either. 

Yes. This allows you to read in bed or watch TV before falling asleep.

During the first few days of the Ortho-K process, you may find that your vision is quite good for a few hours, and then begins to diminish. Dr. Miller may fit you with a soft lens to wear that will improve your vision when it begins to fade. Often these are only worn as needed and are reduced in strength as your vision improves.

The rate of success is very high, but it depends on your original prescription and treatment goals. During your initial evaluation Dr. Miller will give you information about your potential outcome.

They are very safe. However, there is a small risk of infection or abnormal blood vessel growth involved when any contact lens is worn. This risk is minimized by adhering to scrupulous disinfection and care procedures, by wearing your retainers only as instructed and by coming in for regular progress checks.

Your retainers are actually easier to insert and remove than most oxygen permeable lenses and much easier than a soft lens.

Dr. Miller may recommend replacing your retainer lenses every year depending on their condition. Molds that have become warped or have that have deposits and build up will not allow proper oxygen to the cornea, may even lead to infection, and will not produce a consistent treatment. At your yearly exam, you will be advised if they need to be replaced.

Great results can be achieved in as little as four hours of sleep each night. Some people prefer to sleep for several short time periods of time rather than one consecutive period. This isn’t a problem, just insert your retainer lenses in when you sleep and remove them when you wake.

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