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With every eye exam, Dr. Miller aims to provide you with more than just 20/20 vision. Dr. Miller gladly welcomes patients 2 years and older and strongly believes in the importance of patient education and awareness. At the completion of each exam, she will ensure that all of your questions have been answered and that all exam results have been explained to you in full.


At Spanish Oaks Eyecare...

We believe in treating each and every patient as an individual.

That’s why we’ll always take our time and make a point to get to know you and your needs.

We strive to set the standard for comprehensive vision care in the Cedar Park & Leander area.

Whether you are in the market for an exam, specialty contact lenses, a new pair of glasses or something more complex, we’ve got you covered.

What we offer that makes us different


Britney D.
Britney D.
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At about 10 years old, my parents decided to put me in Ortho-K to slow down the progression of my nearsightedness. I wore them for about 8 years and it made a huge impact on my lifestyle. Simply by sleeping in these lenses each night was I able to go through my day without any correction. I didn’t have to deal with glasses or contacts during school or when playing sports. Not only that, but my prescription barely increased each year. For parents who are looking to prevent the quick rise in their children’s nearsightedness, I highly suggest considering Ortho-K!

Vision Screenings

Crystal C.
Crystal C.
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Addi turned 6 in June & had passed all vision screenings...she is about 2 levels behind where first graders are expected to be. She reverses several numbers and letters; dylexia was a concern...

After her eye exam with Dr. Miller she has gone from being behind grade level reading to being above where the average first grader is expected to read for this point in the year! All concerns of dyslexia have gone out the window since starting with glasses and now the words don't seem to "move on the page" to her.

Non-surgical LASIK alternative

Sora D.
Sora D.
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Our teenage son: 16 years old, actively involved in Sports. Dr. Miller set my son up with OrthoK contacts. He wears them at night and he doesn't need to wear glasses during the day!! It's amazing!! Definitely ask her if you may a candidate for this treatment!!


Andrew B.
Andrew B.
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Dr. Miller is thorough and compassionate. She discovered the indicators in my wife’s eye that was later diagnosed as a brain tumor. We wouldn’t have caught it without her. We’ll be patients for life!

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