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Myopia Control Center

We don't just correct myopia. We treat it.

A research-based approach to myopia control

Myopia (nearsightedness) is an eye condition caused by excess growth and stretching at the back of the eye. Conventional eyeglasses and contact lenses can correct blurriness, yet do not treat the progressive nature of myopia. The higher the myopia, the longer the eye and therefore increased risk for complications that may cause serious irreversible vision loss. The sooner your child’s myopia is managed, the less the risk of developing ocular complications later in life.

Correcting and treating myopia are quite different things. All optometrists can prescribe glasses to correct blurred vision. That's easy. While glasses can sharpen vision they are simply masking the symptoms of the eye condition.

What we do, above correcting vision, is treat the underlying condition causing the blurred vision — abnormal eye growth. With myopia treatment we slow the abnormal physical stretching of the eye, reducing the rate of myopia progression and vision deterioration. We slow down the increase in your child’s glasses prescription year after year.

As medical science and technologies are constantly evolving, when new myopia treatments become available we will introduce them to our patients at the earliest opportunity. 

Forward Thinking
With myopia control we are thinking about you or your child’s future. Not just at this moment in time but 20, 30, 40 years, or more, from now. We are building the foundations for better long-term eye health. Eye elongation with higher degrees of myopia is closely linked to eye disease development in life. People can and do lose their eyesight from diseases such as glaucoma, myopic macular degeneration, retinal tears and retinal detachment. The best way to avoid vision loss and blindness is to reduce the risks from an earlier age. Prevention is always better than cure.

Proactive vs Reactive
Most optometrists still adopt a reactive approach when it comes to managing myopia. As your child’s eyes progressively worsen with increasing short-sightedness they prescribe stronger glasses. And repeat 6 to 12 months later. Stronger glasses = thicker lenses. That’s how myopia has traditionally been managed by optometrists and ophthalmologists, but we now know it’s an outdated approach that can also put your child’s long-term eye health at risk. With advancements in medical science and research, it’s time to think differently. Today, myopia progression is preventable with the right treatment. We are proactive in keeping your child’s degree of myopia as low as possible. Because eye health matters. And because we care.

Advanced Eye Technologies
Our practice is equipped with the latest in eye testing and eye diagnostic technologies. 200 degree retinal imaging, 3D eye topography mapping, ocular biometry (Myopia Master) for precision eye length monitoring, and much more. Our advanced technologies enable us to provide you with a comprehensive eye care experience, thorough eye assessment, clear vision and an accurate diagnosis.

World-Class Myopia Treatments
Our myopia treatments are world-class and in keeping with the latest myopia control strategies used in Canada, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and in the United States. Everything we do is evidence-based and backed by published, peer-reviewed scientific research. As medical science and technologies are constantly evolving, when new myopia treatments become available we will introduce them to our patients at the earliest opportunity.

Latest Generation Ortho K Technology
Here at Spanish Oaks Eyecare we fit the latest generation of Ortho-K lenses. Our Ortho-K lenses are custom designed individually for each eye by Dr. Miller using advanced 3D computer modeling to optimize vision and myopia control effect. All lenses are made from high-oxygen breathable materials for best eye health.

Individual Care
Our approach to eye care to provide a personalized, individual experience and delivering great results for our patients, every time. It is for good reason that we have a reputation for great care and chosen by families far and wide across this city. You can always expect a high level of service, personal attention and continuity of care with the same optometrist at each visit. Eye care that you can trust.

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