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Eye Exams

FREE pediatric vision screenings

Performed by professionally trained staff using appropriate equipment (ages 2-10)

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We didn’t find out I needed glasses until the 7th grade. I had passed all vision tests until a teacher in 7th grade suggested to my mom to go to an eye dr. I got glasses and was like WHAT?!? THIS IS HOW IT’S SUPPOSED TO LOOK???? My life was forever changed. I just thought everyone saw things blurry until they were close up. I didn’t know “blurry” wasn’t the normal so I never said anything.

We go beyond

..... the routine eye exam performed at most offices. We check for vision related learning difficulties, possible causes of headaches/migraines among many other things. Many of our patients have 20/20 vision but still need glasses because their eye teaming and/or focusing ability is inadequate.

Dynna P.
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My son and I just finished our eye exams (his first ever!). Dr Miller was quick and efficient, kind and informative, and had the perfect balance of engaging my 5yr old and also tuning him out when it was my turn - without the typical "your kid is annoying me" attitude of other medical professionals!! If it's time for your eye exam - go see Dr Miller at Spanish Oaks Eyecare!!
Kel A.
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Dr. Miller came highly recommended to us from my son’s pediatrician- and afternoon our visit I understand why! I cannot sing their praises enough. My son was so nervous, and honestly just didn’t want to be there! But their entire team went above and beyond to make it an incredible experience. And Dr. Miller is truly a gifted doctor. My son had been struggling with reading in school to the point we thought he may have had dyslexia. After meeting with Dr. Miller, she was able to identify several issues with his vision- it saved us a lot of time and unnecessary heartache.
Kelli P.
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Such a great practice! Dr. Miller diagnosed my daughter’s vertical eye alignment issue within minutes of meeting her. I highly recommend this practice!!!
Kristi G.
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Dr. Dina and staff are very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Dr. Dina always takes time with me and my entire family (children, mom, and grandpa). We never feel rushed. She really listens and asks follow up questions - this practice resulted in a diagnosis for both of my children with something other optometrists missed I’m sure this will positively affect my kids’ school year and overall health - better vision, decreased headaches and improved focus. I appreciate Spanish Oaks Eyecare and highly recommend.

Do you....

...... Have A Child Who Has Passed School or Pediatrician Vision Screenings?

School and pediatrician vision screenings can miss a lot! They are only able to detect the possibility of nearsightedness. Many children up to their teen years are actually farsighted. Many have astigmatism, some have trouble using their eyes together adequately or a combination and go undetected for years. This can result in or add to learning difficulties, negatively affect their self confidence, among many other things.

Emily C.
Emily C.
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Both my kiddos passed the tests at the pediatrician with flying colors, and both kiddos need glasses! Fortunately, I had read somewhere that all kids should be screened by an eye doctor before starting kindergarten, so we were able to catch my son’s astigmatism and daughter’s nearsightedness before starting school. I try to tell as many mamas as I can to get them screened before school because neither kiddo showed ANY signs of needing glasses!”

We offer FREE vision screenings performed by professionally trained staff

...... Have A Child With Glasses That Needs A New Pair Every Time They Go To The Eye Doctor?

High myopia (nearsightedness) is at an all time high in children. It is not just an inconvenience but it can lead to serious vision-threatening eye diseases such as retinal detachments and glaucoma. We provide options which studies have shown decrease the progression of myopia.

Britney D.
Britney D.
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At about 10 years old, my parents decided to put me in Ortho-K to slow down the progression of my nearsightedness. I wore them for about 8 years and it made a huge impact on my lifestyle. Simply by sleeping in these lenses each night was I able to go through my day without any correction. I didn’t have to deal with glasses or contacts during school or when playing sports. Not only that, but my prescription barely increased each year. For parents who are looking to prevent the quick rise in their children’s nearsightedness, I highly suggest considering Ortho-K!

We use scientifically proven methods to slow down the progression of nearsightednes

Have An Active Child Who Hates Wearing His/Her Glasses During Sports?

With the elimination of having to use glasses or contacts, ortho-k makes the ultimate vision correction option for athletes and those with active lifestyles. They won't have to worry about glasses breaking if hit by a ball. They also won’t have to think about how to see clearly during water activities.

Meda N.
Meda N.
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Our teenage son: 16 years old, actively involved in Sports. Dr. Miller set my son up with OrthoK contacts. He wears them at night and he doesn't need to wear glasses during the day!! It's amazing!! Definitely ask her if you may a candidate for this treatment!!

We offer a LASIK alternative that is 1- reversible 2- safe for kids!

Have A Child With Learning Difficulties But Were Told That It Wasn’t Vision Related?

Correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism will only help with clarity but it will not always help with FUNCTIONALITY - how well the eyes work together, if the patient has adequate focusing ability...these are things that are not typically screened for at most eye doctor offices.

Crystal C.
Crystal C.
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Addi turned 6 in June & had passed all vision screenings...she is about 2 levels behind where first graders are expected to be. She reverses several numbers and letters; dylexia was a concern...

After her eye exam with Dr. Miller she has gone from being behind grade level reading to being above where the average first grader is expected to read for this point in the year! All concerns of dyslexia have gone out the window since starting with glasses and now the words don't seem to "move on the page" to her.

We screen for vision related learning difficulties at every exam! 20/20 vision or lack of complaints does NOT rule out vision related learning difficulties.

Questions Related to Eyesight and Learning

Eye movement skills

Do your child’s eyes move across the page in a book smoothly and accurately?

Eye focusing abilities:

Does your child change focus from near to far and back again – between reading text from a far-away white or black-board and writing on paper?

Eye teaming skills

Are your child’s eyes working together as a focus unit – do they come together for proper eye alignment for reading?

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