Optomap Retinal Exam

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Is this really necessary? … YES!

Optomap vs dilation

There are two ways to check the internal health of your eyes- using the Optomap retinal camera or dilating the eyes.

The optomap simply takes a photo of the back of your eyes. No side effects or wait time. Just a very bright flash.

Dilation of the eyes consists of 2-3 eye drops in each eye, waiting time of about 30 minutes and a bright light being shined in the eye for a few minutes. It will make the patient more light sensitive and there is a good change that dilation will make your vision up close blurry. 

The optomap is the preferred method if the optos photos are taken properly. Not only do the photos provide photo documentation but they also allow us to catch smaller holes or areas of bleeding that may otherwise be missed.

Optomap view

Undilated View