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Vision & Learning

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As part of a comprehensive eye health exam, Dr. Miller determines whether vision skills are adequately developed to handle reading, writing, the ability to see and understand clearly and other visual work.

If any of these visual skills are lacking or impaired, your child will have to work harder and may develop headaches or fatigue.

Caution: school screenings do not test for common vision conditions or assess eye health; they are no substitute for seeing a doctor.

The school years are visually demanding periods of rapid growth and your child’s eyes change the most during these years. Because of this, your child should have a comprehensive eye health exam before starting kindergarten, and regularly throughout the school years.

There is a significant link between learning difficulties and vision problems. Dr. Miller can help ensure the best in lifelong learning for your child.

Here are some symptoms that may indicate that your child has a visual problem. If you see any of these in your child, take him or her to see Dr. Miller:

  • headaches or visible irritation
  • avoidance of near-distance work
  • covering or rubbing of the eyes
  • tilting of the head or unusual posture
  • using a finger to maintain place while reading
  • losing place while reading
  • omitting or confusing small words when reading
  • performing below their potential

Parents should raise learning problems during their child’s eye exam.

Any reading or learning difficulties experienced by you or your child should be brought to the attention of Dr. Miller. Sometimes learning problems are actually treatable vision problems that can present obstacles to effective learning or reading. One example is convergence insufficiency, which affects the ability of the eyes to do near work, such as reading.

It is possible that a child can be labeled as having a learning disability, when the real problem is vision related and treatable.

Once testing is completed, Dr. Miller will review all findings with the patient and parent and provide recommendations regarding any needed treatment.

Becky P.
Becky P.
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Katie was experiencing terrible headaches that increased in frequency as the school year went on. We saw Dr. Miller when they reached 2 - 3 per week. Dr. Miller discovered the prism and Katie got her glasses. She hasn't had a headache since! She loves her glasses and says that she didn't realize how bad her vision was until she got them.
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Before I couldn’t read the sign over there that says coffee, café, espresso (about 10 feet away)…things were all I can see everything perfectly. I had to always have the blinds closed, lights were really bothersome especially fluorescent lights, but now with these glasses (with the prism) they don’t bother me at all. It’s like a miracle.
Crystal C.
Crystal C.
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Addi turned 6 in June & had passed all vision screenings...she is about 2 levels behind where first graders are expected to be. She reverses several numbers and letters; dylexia was a concern...

After her eye exam with Dr. Miller she has gone from being behind grade level reading to being above where the average first grader is expected to read for this point in the year! All concerns of dyslexia have gone out the window since starting with glasses and now the words don't seem to "move on the page" to her.
Kei H.
Kei H.
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Dr. Miller was able to pinpoint the problem and and give recommendations for my daughter that no one else caught. My daughter would get tired after reading and now we know why.

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