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FREE pediatric vision screenings

Performed by professionally trained staff using appropriate equipment (ages 2-10)

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We didn’t find out I needed glasses until the 7th grade. I had passed all vision tests until a teacher in 7th grade suggested to my mom to go to an eye dr. I got glasses and was like WHAT?!? THIS IS HOW IT’S SUPPOSED TO LOOK???? My life was forever changed. I just thought everyone saw things blurry until they were close up. I didn’t know “blurry” wasn’t the normal so I never said anything.

We go beyond

..... the routine eye exam performed at most offices. We check for vision related learning difficulties, possible causes of headaches/migraines among many other things. Many of our patients have 20/20 vision but still need glasses because their eye teaming and/or focusing ability is not adequate.

Becky P.
Becky P.
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Katie was experiencing terrible headaches that increased in frequency as the school year went on. We saw Dr. Miller when they reached 2 - 3 per week. Dr. Miller discovered the prism and Katie got her glasses. She hasn't had a headache since! She loves her glasses and says that she didn't realize how bad her vision was until she got them.
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Before I couldn’t read the sign over there that says coffee, café, espresso (about 10 feet away)…things were all double..now I can see everything perfectly. I had to always have the blinds closed, lights were really bothersome especially fluorescent lights, but now with these glasses (with the prism) they don’t bother me at all. It’s like a miracle.
Crystal C.
Crystal C.
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Addi turned 6 in June & had passed all vision screenings...she is about 2 levels behind where first graders are expected to be. She reverses several numbers and letters; dylexia was a concern...

After her eye exam with Dr. Miller she has gone from being behind grade level reading to being above where the average first grader is expected to read for this point in the year! All concerns of dyslexia have gone out the window since starting with glasses and now the words don't seem to "move on the page" to her.
Kei H.
Kei H.
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Dr. Miller was able to pinpoint the problem and and give recommendations for my daughter that no one else caught. My daughter would get tired after reading and now we know why.

Vision & Learning

Undetected or uncorrected vision problems can cause children and teens to suffer academically, socially, athletically and personally. If your child is having trouble in school or afterschool activities there could be an underlying vision problem. Proper learning, motor development, reading, and many other skills are dependent upon not only good vision, but also the ability of your eyes to work together.

Children that have problems with focusing, reading, teaming their eyes or hand-eye coordination will often experience frustration, and may exhibit behavioral problems as well. Often they don’t know that the vision they are experiencing is abnormal, so they aren’t able to express that they need help.

Functional Pediatric Eye Exams

A functional eye exam includes tests performed in a routine eye exam, plus specific additional tests for detecting learning-related vision problems.

Extra tests would include accommodation, binocular vision, and ocular motility testing. In addition to these, depending on the type of problems your child is displaying, we may recommend other testing, either in our office or with a vision development specialist.

School & Pediatrician Screenings

Are only able to detect the possibility of nearsightedness. Many kids up to their teen years are actually farsighted and depending on the amount, may need glasses for close up work. Often, kids get headaches after reading, doing homework, playing video games, or have trouble refocusing when looking far away after close work.

To obtain an accurate prescription for a child that is not nearsighted is by a cycloplegic examination, which relaxes the child's focusing ability and allows Dr. Miller to obtain the true prescription of your child's eyes.

What should I watch for in my child?

- Eyes crossed in or turned out
- A "white" reflex in photos
- Disinterest or headaches while reading or during close-up work
- Rubbing of eyes
- Squinting
- Head tilt
- Covering of one eye to see

Questions Related to Eyesight and Learning

Eye movement skills

Do your child’s eyes move across the page in a book smoothly and accurately?

Eye focusing abilities:

Does your child change focus from near to far and back again – between reading text from a far-away white or black-board and writing on paper?

Eye teaming skills

Are your child’s eyes working together as a focus unit – do they come together for proper eye alignment for reading?

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